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Kitchen Cleaning Agent

Kitchen Cleaning Agent

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Introducing our Kitchen Stain Cleaning Agent – the perfect gift for those who take pride in maintaining a spotless kitchen. Experience the power of quick and effective cleaning with our specialized formula, designed to tackle stubborn grease, limescale, and hard-to-clean everyday residues.

Key Features:

30-Second Action: Say goodbye to grease and grime in just 30 seconds! Our Kitchen Stain Cleaning Agent works swiftly to leave surfaces spotless and refreshed.

Versatile Cleaning: Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including pots, stoves, pan bases, floors, dishes, taps, tiles, and kitchen hoods. Achieve a comprehensive clean throughout your kitchen.

Effective Against All Types of Dirt: Utilizing foam expansion technology, our cleaning agent effortlessly removes stains, grease, dirt, ingrained residues, and stubborn stains. Experience a full line cleaning that keeps surfaces clean and fresh.

Spray Instant Clean: Our foam cleaner features ingredients that dissolve oil and lime deposits quickly. The foam expansion technology ensures efficient separation of stains from the surface, providing instant cleanliness.

Concentrated Liquid and Special Spray Nozzle: The concentrated composition offers up to 100 cleanings with just one bottle, ensuring economic use. The specially designed spray nozzle covers a large area with minimal product, maximizing efficiency.

Lemon Scent and Gentle Formula: Enjoy a refreshing lemon scent while cleaning. Our non-toxic and odorless formula is gentle on surfaces, hands, and the environment, ensuring a pleasant cleaning experience.

Protection: The All Purpose Cleaner Spray doesn't just clean; it protects. By eliminating sticky stains, it keeps everything sparkling clean and guards against discoloration and cracking due to heat for up to 1 month.

Choose our Kitchen Stain Cleaning Agent for a cleaning experience that's efficient, versatile, and leaves your kitchen surfaces looking and smelling delightful. Make the gift of a clean kitchen today!

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