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Shower Water Purifier

Shower Water Purifier

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Experience unparalleled water purification with our Advanced 20-Stage Filtration System. Engineered with a multi-layered filtration process, it ensures that every drop of water is free from impurities, providing you with clean and safe water for various household needs.

Designed to protect your skin and hair, our filtration system effectively reduces dryness and itchiness, leaving you feeling refreshed after each shower. Its versatile functionality extends to facial cleansing and makeup removal, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine.

Say goodbye to faded laundry and hello to vibrant colors with our filtration system that eliminates rust, sediment, and other contaminants from tap water. With easy installation, it's a hassle-free solution for achieving cleaner water in your home.

Ideal for families of all ages, our filtration system promotes a healthy bathing experience, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of clean water. Make the switch to our Advanced 20-Stage Filtration System and elevate your daily bathing routine to new levels of purity and freshness.

- 20-stage water purifier
- Material: ABS
- Temperature range: 4 - 80°C
- Working principle: Activated carbon
- Filter: Composite filter
- Filtration accuracy: 1-5 microns
- Clean water flow: 8L/min
- Working pressure: ≥0.1-0.35MPa
- Application: Shower, washstand
- Water quality function: Washing and bathing
- Filtration life: 50000L (approximately 4 months)
- Removable filter element

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